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First, did you know that 89% of consumers will shop elsewhere after just one poor user experience with a website? Secondly, by decreasing your website’s page load speed from 8 to 2 seconds can increase conversions by as much as 74%? MOJO has been designing unforgettable websites for businesses across the country since the dawn of the internet. In short, our Maryland website design company has the technical expertise and creative talent to supercharge your website and elevate your brand.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive Web Design

More than half your potential customers will view your website on their mobile device. With a wide range of dimensions and technology, our responsive web design experts will guarantee your site works perfectly and looks amazing, no matter what device your prospect is using.

Custom Design

Custom Web Design

Custom website designs offer a tailored branding and an optimized customer experience. Most importantly, they are better suited for SEO and will increase the ability to evolve with your business. When you’re considering a custom website, MOJO’s award-winning team can bring it all together, from design to launch.

CMS Integration

CMS and App Integration

Your CMS, App or custom integration should seamlessly integrate with your brand’s style. Navigation must be intuitive for website visitors and your marketing team. MOJO works with best in class integrations to harness the power of your website.


Featured Case Study

Digital Marketing


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is the science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). STScI, located on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus in Baltimore, Maryland searched for a website design company that had talented Maryland website designers, but also a local videography team to tell their story.

We were looking for a rebrand and had already leveraged another business for our logo rebrand, but our website was very stale and hadn’t evolved with us over the nearly 10 years we’ve been in business. We contacted 4 different web design companies and really liked the interaction we had with MOJO Creative Digital. Kalie was fantastic to work with early on when ironing out the contract, and Kyle and his team were always responsive to our requests. We had a wonderful experience with MOJO Creative Digital and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks MOJO!

Mark Shadle

Great Website Design Starts with These Simple Steps

  1. The Creative Brief. We start with 20 questions – literally. We want to understand your business, its processes, and goals, so we can design a website to meet and exceed your vision.
  2. The Sitemap. Outlining your site’s structure allows us to visualize how visitors will navigate your site on that all-important journey to conversion. After that, we make sure your brand’s messaging flows seamlessly and intuitively from one page to the next.
  3. Wireframes. Once we’ve navigated visitor’s destinations, it’s time to add details to the journey. Creating a black and white wireframe allows us to focus on structural elements without getting bogged down by image selection and colors.
  4. Color Mockups. This flat representation of your website includes colors, fonts, images, and other design elements and allows us to see how these various elements work together.
  5. The Prototype. In conclusion, when it’s time to bring all your website elements together, the prototype provides an interactive, responsive, fully linked version of your website that is developer-ready.

Our Baltimore website designer, developers, and project managers will bring your website design project together with documented processes to keep you on track and on budget. Contact us today to get started.

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Website Design Case Study

Mobile Responsive Website Design

The meaning of a “mobile responsive design” is that your website will show up correctly and function well no matter what type of device that it is displayed on. As a result, since 2008 mobile responsive design has been a large part of our website design agency’s focus; today Google and your users expect nothing less.

Why does Google care?

Why does Google care?

Google wants to ensure that every website that shows up in their search engine results pages (SERPS) is user-friendly and that their users have a great experience. This is why Google has flagged websites that aren’t designed to be mobile friendly and why more and more websites are dropping in the search engine results due to poor user experience.

What is the value?

What is the value great design?

A good user experience on your websites means more dollars in your pocket. It saves on maintaining one site, instead of two. It also means that people can find what they are looking for quickly, no matter what iphone, tablet, android or desktop device they use.

Technical Advantages

A good mobile responsive website is also easier to view when being redirected from either social media sites and it also is easier for Google’s spider to crawl your content and report back…in the end ensuring your message is never lost due to poor design and planning.


Featured Case Study

Web Design
Web Development & Mobile Apps


The leading commercial HVAC supplier on the east coast, distributing HVAC installer and services companies. As an educator, service, and product supplier, HAVTECH needed a new marketing and branding partner.

Custom Website Design

Our website designers pride themselves on building custom-made, tailored websites that help our clients stand out. If you want to wow your potential customers with a beautiful, engaging, and highly responsive website design that blends incredible graphics and seamless functionality, then get in touch with our Maryland website design team now!

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages play an extremely important role for your website – getting the user to take a specific desired action. MOJO can help you create compelling landing pages that dramatically improve your conversion rate.

B2B Website Focus

B2B Website Focus

While many of the same best practices apply, B2B websites need a slightly different approach – one that clearly defines your unique value proposition. Just as importantly, you want to attract the right kinds of traffic, and provide helpful resources that demonstrate your expertise and authority.

CMS and App Integration

Your website integrations should work well, be easy to use by both visitors and your marketing team, and look great in the process. A Content Management System , or CMS, is a web application used to manage and publish content. Multiple contributors can participate in authoring and editing content without needing to have coding experience. MOJO’s team creates functional and intuitive integrations and will even provide training for your team so you get the most out of your website.

What kinds of integrations do we work with?

On-Page and Off-Page

CMS Integrations

Many websites need functionality and flexibility that extends beyond what WordPress provides. In these instances, a CMS integration is the solution to maintain platform integrity while delivering great content. MOJO designs CMS platforms for non-technical users so your brand’s message can be delivered with ease.

Technical SEO

App Integrations

App integrations like email delivery, chat, payment and ecommerce, and chat widgets don’t always reflect your brand’s style. MOJO’s designers add style and flare to out-of-the-box applications to increase engagement and conversion without losing functionality.

Local SEO

Custom Integrations

If your business has more complex needs, MOJO’s skilled designers and technical team can assist with custom integrations. From simple database plugins to advanced API and CRM integrations, we’ll help transform your website into a valuable tool for your business operations, marketing and sales.