A MOJO Case Study

Charm City Trivia

Engagement started April 2008
Web Development & Mobile Apps


Charm City Trivia is a “LIVE” entertainment company. We create quality game shows for bars, restaurants, work outings, & private events. CCT was started in 2008 as a passion hobby and . Over the years CCT has evolved with MOJO’s assistance to become one of the largest companies in the industry by creating fun & exciting game shows all over Maryland (and the United States).

Charm City

The Challenge

CCT is a fast growing company that needed consistency in their marketing and they needed to find ways to increase their returning player counts and engagement during and after games. Additionally with the growing use of mobile phone usage and with competition increasing, time was of the essence. The solutions need to be scalable, well branded, engaging and produce measurable results.

The Solutions

MOJO because prioritizing and scheduling the roll out of marketing assets, websites, and solutions to coincide with their budgets, games season, and priority needs. MOJO established strong collateral to legitimize their in-person game and reputations with over 110 restaurants and bars. The website was the next priority that supported online gaming and a web based portal experience that opened up communications with players and increased follow up engagement with viral marketing.

MOJO then began developing a mobile application that would keep players engaged with their teams, locations, scores, and deals at their favorite locations. With additional marketing assets, videography and marketing consulting CCT thrived. During the world wide pandemic from 2019 through 2020, CCT and MOJO came up with a way to recreate the in-person experience digitally and launch a new division of gaming and business revenue.

The Results

Designing and developing an enterprise level website platform to serve their one million drivers is no easy task. Most importantly, an agency that could migrate millions of driver records, develop APIs and ensure real time reporting to drivers and operators. Below are some of the highlights from our engagement:

  1. Generated 7k players per week across over 115 locations
  2. Established Playing Mobile Engagement with 45% of players in 30 days.
  3. FB 4.9% Engagement Download Ad
  4. Maintain over 48k page views per month, with an average session duration of 2:20 per visit.
  5. Maintain a 46.08% bounce rate and each visitor sees 3.44 pages per session.

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Custom Website and Development

All of Charm City Trivia’s websites need to be more than an electronic vanity plate,they need to deliver real time scores, location information, team rankings, and they need to support CCT’s needs for marketing to and recruiting new restaurants, bars, and virtual players around the world.

Charm City Custom Website and Development


As descriptive as the written word can be, truly understanding what it means to be entertained and served by CCT, was going to be lost with a lengthy story. Video was going to be the secret to CCT’s growth and that is MOJO helped their brand’s reputation and attendance grow over the years.

Mobile Application

CCT worked with MOJO to create an opportunity for their customers and players to not only get up to the minute game information, but real time information regarding game cancellations, new locations, and to market to players at their preferred locations, using geofencing and push alert technologies.

Charm City Trivia


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