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Digital Color Ink

Engagement started August 2017
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Digital Color Ink, LLC was established in 2002 by two industry professionals, Jay Udovich and Carew Alley. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge, they set out to establish a company that strives to exceed their valued partners. They are constantly searching for new printing products to provide you with solutions for your ever-developing graphic printing needs. They understand that each one of your projects carries your name, which is why they strive to exceed your expectations in providing you with the best resolution.

Digital Color Ink

The Challenge

Digital Color Ink was growing, and they were ready to reinvent their image and website to match the future they envisioned. Competing print supply companies were launching websites with e-commerce capabilities that were not only integrated with inventory management systems, but the websites also offered user-specific pricing through a secure portal their customers could access. DCI needed to change that would show their forward-thinking and proactive approach to helping their customers grow.

The Solutions

Together our two teams would begin brainstorming and looking objectively at their customer base, their needs, and reflecting on the impact they wished to make in the industry. The MOJO team focused on the basic premise of the print industry… C.M.Y.K. From the kick-off of the brainstorming session to the placement of the last pixel, we knew that we had to create a brand that embodies the meaning of I.N.K. and business innovation. Using the four primary CMYK colors, which are the industry’s premise, MOJO presented the colors using pixels but in the shape of an abstract “splash” that implied movement and creativity.

Once the brand was memorialized, we began looking at DCI’s competitors, their business rules, goals, and sales objectives.  After evaluating their network infrastructure, marketing needs, and inventory management platforms, we designed and developed a robust e-commerce platform that would scale with the company for years to come.  Most importantly, we provided DCI with the ability to add category and user-specific pricing with more options and control than their competitors could offer.

The Results

MOJO designed and developed the company’s new brand and their new e-commerce website that provided a new and interactive means of serving their customers.

  1. Develop a robust inventory management system that would work throughout multiple departments and receive orders from verified customers.
  2. Established a 35% increase in projected online sales in the first 30 days of launch.
  3. 18% increase in sales in their second year of the ecommerce site launching.
  4. Established 5:03 average time on site, which has increased by 20% each year.
  5. Average page visit of 5.46 pages, 78% higher than their previous site.

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Custom Website and Development

MOJO design and developed a fully mobile responsive e-commerce website with a customer portal, inventory management, and real-time transactional reporting with Quickbooks.

Digital Color Ink Custom Website and Development


When it came to creating the DCI brand, MOJO’s Number One Mission was to ensure their brand made a splash in their industry and scared their competitors.