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Glyph Technologies

Engagement started September 2012
Web Design
Digital Marketing


Glyph Technologies provides trusted storage solutions for professionals in content creation across the globe with their products being distributed in over 75 countries, with 63 retailers, both online and in store. Glyph Technologies is the premier provider of dependable storage solutions for the most well known storytellers in the world.

Glyph Production Technologies

The Challenge

Over several years, Glyph was struggling to develop a brand that visually instilled the same confidence their customers depended on with their product. Their sales people, retail displays, social media, digital marketing and their website was losing traffic and customers. Their in-house marketing team was looking to partner with an agency that could execute their plan quickly to leverage the increased demand for a superior product in the external hard drive industry.

The Solutions

MOJO and Glyph began prioritizing and identifying markets, mediums, and budget to begin scheduling the roll out of marketing assets and a website. MOJO first developed a new online presence with a revised website and social graphics to server their existing customers and then designed and executed a new logo that was exciting to look at and excited potential customers to learn more. After the new brand was established, a new website, landing pages, power points, line cards, product photography and direct digital marketing assets were created to take the Glyph Technologies brand to the next level.

The Results

Glyph Technologies in-house marketing department and MOJO work together to develop templates, new campaign strategies, and engaging storytelling through multiple mediums every day. Below are some of the highlights from our engagement:

  1. Designed multiple exhibits for both US based and international trade shows.
  2. Eight (8) year average website bounce rate of 20%.
  3. Five (5) year email open rate of 27%.
  4. 120% increase in direct to consumer online sales.
  5. Social media post engagement for Facebook and Instagram increased by 230%.

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Custom Website Design and Development

MOJO has designed two notable website redesigns, multiple revisions, and numerous landing pages. MOJO received awards by the WC3 and Davey Awards for visual appeal and user experience for their design of Glyph’s website.

Glyph Technologies Custom Website and Development


Seeing something designed and created with great love and care be shared and viewed by users across the globe is one of the most rewarding feelings a design agency could experience. MOJO’s design and development of the Glyph Technology brand included a complete style guide and use cases for multiple mediums. Most importantly, MOJO told a story that inspires videographers, photographers, and musicians alike.

Maryland Branding Agency Style Guide for Glyph

Digital Marketing

Glyph Technologies and MOJO have worked together to design interactive creative for use with email marketing, HTML5 programmatic advertising, social media marketing, and in-store retail displays. Glyph Technologies passion for innovation is matched with MOJO’s creativity.

Glyph Production Technologies
Glyph Production Technologies
Glyph Production Technologies



“Since 2009 MOJO’s consistent communication, quality work and ability to continually raise the bar in the marketing industry.  This is the reason we continue to ensure that the MOJO team is are a part of our company…not just some designers we never see face to face.”