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Microcom Environmental

Engagement started July 2017
Web Design
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Microcom Environmental provides industry-leading satellite communication equipment – covering GOES, EUMETSAT, INSAT, Himawari, & ARGOS/SCD – allowing us to provide the most reliable of environmental solutions. Microcom Environmental has the products and people ready to deliver comprehensive solutions for your environmental monitoring needs.

Microcom Environmental

The Challenge

Microcom Environmental needed to improve their corporate messaging and revitalize their brand in their customer’s eyes to remain competitive and to instill confidence that the company was evolving with technology. Additionally, the client needed to ensure customers could easily understand their product offerings and see their global footprint.

The Solutions

The corporate rebranding effort included a style guide and identity package. MOJO then began to create a fully mobile responsive, user-friendly website that highlighted their product offering, provided photography that clearly showed their products’ application. We collaborated with their marketing team for their brand and website reveal campaign. Lastly, we provided training for Drupal, implemented analytics, and optimized their KPI requirements for reporting.

The Results

MOJO’s new brand and newly designed and developed company website, changed not only how the customers viewed Microcom Environmental, but also how they viewed themselves.

  1. With their new branding style guide and logo, the client evolved their corporate messaging.
  2. With a new CMS, the client managed 99% of the website content on their own, saving them a yearly average $5,400 per year, a 450% decrease.
  3. Increased average time spent on site to 3:13 per visit.
  4. Decreased the bounce rate on the site by 23% to a two (2) years 47% average.
  5. With new product photos and highlights, business development teams saved an average of 30 minutes of wasted time, equating to over $5,000 in saving each year, searching for current product info and imagery approved by management.

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Environmental science, radars, and satellites aren’t typically exciting to most, but for those who are and know what to look for, the stakes are high, and the contracts are long. Finding an agency partner and a company that you can feel confident in starts with the branding, and this is where MOJO started.

Microcom Environmental Branding

Custom Website and Development

Microcom Environmental’s vice president of marketing had a vision of how the website could serve business development and increase their company image simultaneously; the key was working with MOJO to execute the plan.

Microcom Environmental Custom Website and Development


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