A MOJO Case Study

On The Spot Mobile Detailing

Engagement started May 2019
Web Design
Digital Marketing


On the Spot’s mobile car, RV, boat, motorcycle, and dealer detailing services holds a reputation for being a customer-first company. We take pride in being part of an industry where such conditions are rare.

On The Spot Mobile Detailing Services

The Challenge

Improve the company image with a new rebranding effort, maintain their existing SEO rankings, redesign their website, increase their digital marketing and brand awareness. Most importantly, develop marketing campaigns for all four seasons that correspond with drivers and the post COVID offerings.

The Solutions

The re-branding effort required a robust style guide that included guidelines for both print and digital marketing initiatives. MOJO then designed digital ads, videos, social media campaign strategies that the client could manage, provide graphic design, videography, and general marketing consulting.

The Results

On the Spot was looking for a marketing partner with proven experience, creativity and consistency to evolve their company’s image and branding consistency. Below are some of the highlights from our engagement:

  1. Lowered bounce rate by 2.78%, for an average session visit of 1:24 seconds.
  2. Increased organic traffic to the “Auto Services” for On the Spot by 56%
  3. Increased returning users sessions by 25.29%, totaling 24,663 user visits.
  4. Provided On the Spot better user experienced focused conversions and a new brand to increase consumer confidence; 85% of customers polled reported a 100% increase in the company’s abilities.
  5. Increased web users confidence and traffic by 26.04% totaling 53,909 page views in six (6) months.

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Custom Website and Development

On the Spot leadership had developed and established a great online presence for most keyword searches in their marketplace. They asked MOJO to ensure that they would maintain their presence, expand on their SEO rankings, and support their marketing message and services to their customers in a unique way that aligned with the quality of service On the Spot was known for.

On The Spot Mobile Detailing Custom Website Design and Development

Videography and Animation

The US consumer today has tons of options and their attention can not easily be won. On the Spot asked MOJO to develop two key videos that would help define their role in their customer’s minds. With scripting, storyboarding, videography, animation and post production work, MOJO executed and delivered what On the Spot was always lacking…a message to be remembered.

Branding and Graphic Design

On the Spot provides an unmatched level of service that eludes most service providers in their auto detailing industry. On the Spot’s leadership asked MOJO to rethink their brand and develop a flexible and scalable brand that would support them for the years to come no matter what type of vehicle or customer they served. MOJO Delivered.

On The Spot Mobile Detailing Custom Website Design and Development Branding and Graphic Design


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