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Engagement started February 2019
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Riverside Express is the brand name for the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s (RCTC) express lanes program, which includes the 15 Express Lanes, future 15/91 Express Lanes Connector, and any future express lanes developed within Riverside County.

Riverside Express

The Challenge

MOJO was engaged for a second time as the primary SME subcontractor for Kapsch TrafficCom. For this website design and development project we were supporting their customer, RCTC – Riverside County California. MOJO was brought in to deliver a robust, scalable, and highly integrated enterprise website experience to achieve the agency goals of increasing customer engagement, brand awareness, and a better user experience.

The Solutions

We worked with the prime and agency to deliver a successful public-facing website and interacted with both the mobile application, the state-wide transit authorities back-office systems, and infrastructure that supports 171 million trip seen on the 91 Express Lane. MOJO and Kapsch delivered a fully customer Drupal, mobile responsive, WCAG 2.1, 508 ADA Compliant, and delivering data to drivers with near real-time accuracy.

The Results

Designing and developing an enterprise level website platform to serve their one million drivers is no easy task. Most importantly, an agency that could migrate millions of driver records, develop APIs and ensure real time reporting to drivers and operators. Below are some of the highlights from our engagement:

  1. Decreased bounce rate from 75% to 59.28% giving consumer confidence what they wanted quickly.
  2. Decreased the Average Session Duration from 4.35 minutes to 2:19 to ensure a better user experience.
  3. Provided RCTC with significant savings in operation and CSR costs by providing a user friend online violation payment methods.
  4. Website attracted and registered 153,989 New Users/Drivers in the first six (6) months of operation.
  5. Developed method, online support, and secure portal for drivers to safely share only general data, protecting innocent bi-standards from identity-theft, unwanted and/or repeated surveillance, or harassment.

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Custom Website Design and Development

Riverside County Transportation Commission in California needed a custom website with ecommerce and the integration of multiple backend databases, to deliver dependable, secure, and a superior customer service experience, all through a single website visit; MOJO was the awarded agency. MOJO exceeded the state agency’s expectations by further supporting their marketing and quality of the final deliverable.

RCTC Custom Website Design and Development