Digital Marketing

Planning Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

By Zach Emly • November 8, 2022 • Digital Marketing

As a new year approaches companies of all shapes and sizes begin planning for the following year’s marketing strategy. Surprisingly nearly every year organizations scratch th...

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Aligning Digital Touchpoints with the Customer Journey

By Zach Emly • October 19, 2022 • Digital Marketing

For many organizations, there is usually a disconnect between the brand and its customers. They want consumers to buy their products, invest in their services, and to use their...

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How Local Companies Can Win with SEO

By Zach Emly • September 7, 2022 • Digital Marketing

What better way to grow your business than utilizing search engines? If people are buying cars, life insurance, and groceries online then why wouldn’t they want to buy your s...

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Creating A Marketing Campaign That Generates Results

By Zach Emly • August 5, 2022 • Digital Marketing

A successful marketing strategy consists of various marketing campaigns dedicated to achieving specific goals. Marketing campaigns are organized strategic efforts designed to p...

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Creating an Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

By Zach Emly • June 24, 2022 • Digital Marketing

Building an omnichannel marketing strategy is essential for businesses that want to effectively reach their target markets. It allows a business to get in front of consumers, b...

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6 Steps to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan

By MOJO Team • October 18, 2021 • Digital Marketing

Integrated marketing plans align every aspect of your marketing to deliver a powerful and memorable message. And while this challenge can be com...

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