Create Your Brand Identity With Maryland Logo & Graphic Design

In marketing, one of the most essential assets you own is your company brand. Your brand identity, along with the ability to communicate accurately and openly with your target audience, is the foundation of your marketing success. In other words, setting yourself apart from your competition relies on consistent and frequent messaging. That is to say, with the right branding agency, you can use your company brand to set the expectation… show the marketplace who you are, and what you stand for.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

First, the MOJO team begins with market research, followed by a creative brief to ensure we are encapsulating your business brand and all it stands for. Secondly, from there we begin the customized design and development. With meetings and approvals along the way, your logo design will be delivered in multiple versions such as Lettermark, Wordmark, Brandmark, and more. To enhance your brand, a Style Guide is a recommended asset that will not only benefit your company but will make it easier for your vendors to use for needs such as branded apparel or promotional materials. A Style Guide is a Brand Identity Book that encompasses multiple versions of the logo, your brand’s vision, and overall image. Similarly, a Brand Book is the DNA blueprint of your company’s character, showing all details, guidelines, color schemes, fonts, and sizing

Here’s a deeper look at our logo design and brand identity process:



Your Brand Story

We understand your brand’s goals and values to connect with your prospects and customers.



Align Your Brand

Brainstorming words to describe your brand is the next step in the creative process.



Align Your Draft

The next step is to look at your logo with new eyes – the brand must resonate with your ideal customer.



Sketches & Drafts

Logos start as a simple and humble sketch – hello, Nike swoosh. Whether geometric or organic, playful or sophisticated, classic or modern, we will design a logo that reflects your brand.




Time to refine the logo. Whether it’s trusting blue, regal purple, or stand-out orange, we’ll add the perfect color scheme to your logo design as well as various vertical and horizontal orientations.



Scaling Consistency

Consequently, with logos and iconography finalized, the next step is keeping consistency across your team and over time. Your new logo must be accurately represented, regardless of the size.

Add A Style Guide

Developing your brand identity can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the business, or if you’re struggling to show why your company is the best in the field. However, with seventeen years of experience, our branding agency provides the experience you need to design, deploy, and promote your brand identity. Most importantly, when you partner with MOJO, we work to promote your brand. Whether your company needs a logo, flyer, vehicle wrap, or an entire rebrand, MOJO is here to take your business to the next level. With our elite team of in-house branding designers, each of our clients goes through a detailed branding process that is sure to capture the core of your company.

They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

Kip Howlett

Graphic Design

Through frequent promotion through MOJO’s Graphic Design services, your brand will become easily recognizable, ultimately creating a stronger and more memorable connection with your audience. That is to say, great graphic design can help support your marketing with a beautiful and enticing message. The MOJO Team can fulfill any design task that is needed for your next campaign. Whether you are looking for brochures, social creativity, illustrations, infographics, or needing to complement a campaign, the sky is the limit with our graphic design capabilities! Graphic design improves your marketing efforts throughout all channels and is a key factor in creating a professional brand.

Social Media

Effective social media goes hand and hand with great graphic design. Posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text alone. Visual content is more engaging and 40x more likely to be shared.

Brochures & Illustrations

Brochures and illustrations are go-to resources for your sales team. Support their efforts with clear and visually appealing information that communicates your brand’s professionalism in addition to its services.


Infographics build awareness and boost engagement. Whether you want to create a timeline that explains a process or to visually communicate your brand’s differentiators, infographics are easy to digest and shareable.