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Small Business Guide to Rebranding Strategy

By Larissa Cordial • August 26 • News, Logo & Branding

You might think that ‘rebranding’ is something only large corporations with big marketing budgets – and a significant amount of brand recognition already – can do. After all, if no one was familiar with your old look, website, and logo, how will changing them make a difference?

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6 Steps to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan

By MOJO Creative Digital • July 29 • News, Digital Marketing, Branding

Integrated marketing plans align every aspect of your marketing to deliver a powerful and memorable message. And while this challenge can be complex, involving many stakeholders and marketing channels, following these six steps will help guide the process and ensure measurable success.

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Best Home Page Web Design for 2021 – with Examples

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Web Design, Web Development & Mobile Apps

If you’re considering a new home page design, no single website page will get as much traffic or work as hard to represent your brand. As the first page most of your visitors will see, your homepage has a lot of roles to perform! It needs to convey who you are and what you do, show people around, and make it…

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5 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Digital Marketing, Logo & Branding, Videography

From engaging fans on social media and building trust in your target audience, to dramatically boosting your SEO performance, there are some pretty spectacular benefits of video marketing. Here we take a closer look at five of them, and also dive into some real-world examples of video marketing done right.

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MOJO’s New 3-D Animated Video

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Digital Marketing, Logo & Branding, Videography

Passion meets Purpose. MOJO’s latest video anthem underscores our capabilities in 3-D animation, web design, development, digital marketing, videography, and branding. But moreover, it echoes the persistent rhythm that drives our team’s passion.

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