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IBTTA Back-Office Design & Functionality

By Alexander Fakeri • April 16, 2024 •

Watch Episode 3 of Toll Talk as we discuss ideas for back-office design and functionality to keep in mind as we approach the IBTTA tech summit. Special guests Rachel Bell, ...

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IBTTA Event and Learning from Extraordinary Customer Service Industries

By Alexander Fakeri • April 10, 2024 •



Wondering what you can do to prepare for the IBTTA Tech Summit? Are you wondering how you can get the most out of the event?


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MOJO is on Toll Talk! Check out Episode 1

By Alexander Fakeri • April 4, 2024 •



Topic:  IBTTA Tech Summit Overview.  Tours, Community Service, & the After Hour Party!

Start making the most out of yo...

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Improve Cost Per Acquisition and Retention with the Customer Journey

By Zach Emly • November 9, 2023 •

The customer journey can help organizations of all types and sizes better understand how their customer base buys, which in turn can help them improve their overall customer ac...

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MOJO Recently Launches the Redesign of The SilencerCo Website

By MOJO Team • June 29, 2023 •

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our latest web design project at As a leading web design agency, we have poured our passion, expertise, and...

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Meet Sophia: The Talented Interning Illustrator

By MOJO Team • June 19, 2023 •

As a local marketing agency, we love taking on various interns. This allows us to gain a fresh perspective while giving us the opportunity to feed into the next generation of t...

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Videography Inspiration- Telling a 50-year-long story in 5 minutes

By MOJO Team • June 5, 2023 •

Congratulations to Vetus Maxwell on their 50th anniversary. We are honored to get to work with clients like Vetus Maxwell every day. and be part of their journey. 

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Developing a Strong Brand Strategy to Position Your Company

By Zach Emly • May 5, 2023 •

Developing an effective brand strategy is critical for companies to establish and maintain a strong market presence. A brand strategy provides a clear roadmap for building a br...

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MOJO recently launched the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) Website!

By MOJO Team • April 24, 2023 •


Historically, the tolling industry hasn’t made the end-user experience a priority.  However, as technology is advancing at an exponential rate of ever...

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Is 508 Compliance Protecting You From Litigation or Showing That You Care?

By MOJO Team • February 28, 2023 •

As organizations, it’s important for us to make our services accessible to those who are disabled. People with impairments deserve the same access as everyone else, but it ca...

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The Web Design Process From Start to Finish

By Zach Emly • February 3, 2023 •

Are you wondering about the web design or redesign process? Is your organization discussing the need for a new website design and do you want to know the process before you div...

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Planning Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

By Zach Emly • November 8, 2022 •

As a new year approaches companies of all shapes and sizes begin planning for the following year’s marketing strategy. Surprisingly nearly every year organizations scratch th...

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Aligning Digital Touchpoints with the Customer Journey

By Zach Emly • October 19, 2022 •

For many organizations, there is usually a disconnect between the brand and its customers. They want consumers to buy their products, invest in their services, and to use their...

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How Local Companies Can Win with SEO

By Zach Emly • September 7, 2022 •

What better way to grow your business than utilizing search engines? If people are buying cars, life insurance, and groceries online then why wouldn’t they want to buy your s...

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Meet the MOJO Makers: Kalie Lastagarkov

By MOJO Team • August 18, 2022 •

Here at MOJO, we have a team of hard workers who strive to be the best they can be every day. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and web solutions. 

The Process of Creating a Professional Video Documentary for a Business

By Lindsay Hauck • August 11, 2022 •

In 2019, MOJO worked with STScI/NASA to create a 36-minute documentary that introduced gravitational microlensing to the world. We did everything from pre-production to post-pr...

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Creating A Marketing Campaign That Generates Results

By Zach Emly • August 5, 2022 •

A successful marketing strategy consists of various marketing campaigns dedicated to achieving specific goals. Marketing campaigns are organized strategic efforts designed to p...

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Meet the MOJO Makers: Madi Keck

By MOJO Team • July 21, 2022 •


A big part of delivering a website that exceeds client expectations is the design of the website. A creative designer is someone who creates the look of the ...

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Our Journey with MOJO

By Lindsay Hauck and Ava Schrand • July 19, 2022 •

In May 2022, two bright young individuals joined the MOJO team as interns. They had many great learning experiences during their time here, and want to share that journey and e...

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Meet the MOJO Makers: Alexander Fakeri

By MOJO Team • July 14, 2022 •

Running a successful creative digital agency requires a lot of moving parts to work together seamlessly. A big part of MOJO’s success is the hard work that everyone exhib...

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What consumers are looking for in a company’s website

By Lindsay Hauck • July 12, 2022 •

When it comes to the online presence of an organization, a website is the “face” of a company. Depending on certain factors, a website creates the very first impression on ...

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Developing a Website that’s an Asset to Your Brand and Customers

By Zach Emly • July 7, 2022 •

Nearly every business has a website…but is the website aiding in the branding and marketing efforts of the company? Is it utilized as a tool for customers to improve their af...

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Creating an Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

By Zach Emly • June 24, 2022 •

Building an omnichannel marketing strategy is essential for businesses that want to effectively reach their target markets. It allows a business to get in front of consumers, b...

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Custom Websites vs. Cookie Cutter Websites

By Lindsay Hauck • June 14, 2022 •

For every organization, a well-designed website is a key factor in driving business with successful marketing results. When it comes to designing a website, there are endless p...

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Is it Time to Rebrand Your Business?

By Zach Emly • June 2, 2022 •

As time goes on and businesses evolve, the time eventually comes for them to consider rebranding. Services come and go, business focuses change, mergers and acquisitions occur ...

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What is a Creative Digital Agency?

By Zach Emly • May 24, 2022 •

Organizations have their choice of choosing between a variety of different marketing agencies. One type that has been rising in popularity due to its unique solutions in the mo...

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Honor Those Who Served During Military Appreciation Month

By MOJO Team • May 5, 2022 •

May is officially marked as Military Appreciation Month and is a special month for both those in and out of the military.

It is important to recognize all branches of...

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Finding Quality Web Design in Maryland

By Zach Emly • May 4, 2022 •

Web design is the art (and science) of creating the visual aspects and layout of a website. A website is the foundation of one’s digital marketing strategy and web presence. ...

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Increasing ROI with Marketing Analytics

By Zach Emly • April 12, 2022 •

Marketing certainly isn’t easy and can turn into a real headache when all your hard work doesn’t generate the results you intended it to. When it comes to marketing, poor a...

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Does Your Business Needs A Mobile App? Here's Things To Consider.

By Zach Emly • March 24, 2022 •

With mobile devices being the way of the world and the need to provide better experiences for customers, many businesses are asking themselves if they should offer a mobile app...

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The Evolution of User Experience

By Zach Emly • March 8, 2022 •

We all hear the words “user experience.” For years, industries have heard it and ignored it. “This doesn’t apply to us.” “Our customers don’t care about that.” ...

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Web Development vs Web Design: Understanding the Difference

By Zach Emly • March 3, 2022 •

Most people use the terms web development and web design interchangeably. In many situations, no harm will be done, but when it comes to hiring someone for a job, knowing who y...

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Why Marketing Strategies and Tactics Fail

By Zach Emly • February 16, 2022 •

Marketing has become more and more of a necessity for businesses but has also become harder over time. Where marketing was once a “nice to have” option for businesses, it h...

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7 Digital Strategies to Focus on in 2022

By MOJO Team • January 25, 2022 •

Throughout the U.S. there are businesses that provide the highest quality of products and services yet struggle to compete simply because they can’t get their business name o...

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MOJO Brings Out “The Best of Both Worlds” for Tolling Industry

By Alexander Fakeri • January 3, 2022 •

Since 2018, MOJO has been making waves in the tolling industry for the web development work they have done for their tolling partners. As the toll industry innovates...

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5 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing

By Alexander Fakeri • December 22, 2021 •

From engaging fans on social media and building trust in your target audience, to dramatically boosting your SEO performance, there are some pretty spectacular benefits of vide...

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How SRTA’s Focus on Users Led to An Increase in Happy Customers and a National Design Award

By Alexander Fakeri • November 1, 2021 •

Nothing says you’re doing things right like a testimonial from a client like Christopher Tomlinson – Executive Director of State Road and Tollway Authority in Atlanta Georg...

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6 Steps to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan

By MOJO Team • October 18, 2021 •

Integrated marketing plans align every aspect of your marketing to deliver a powerful and memorable message. And while this challenge can be complex, involving many ...

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MOJO named Gold and Silver W3 Award Winner 2021

By Alexander Fakeri • October 8, 2021 •

MOJO named Gold and Silver W3 Award Winner 2021 - Honored by Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.  MOJO is proud to announce that they have been awarded two 2021 W3 Awa...

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Best Home Page Web Design for 2021 – with Examples

By MOJO Team • September 6, 2021 •

If you’re considering a new home page design, no single website page will get as much traffic or work as hard to represent your brand.  

As the first page most...

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What Google’s Page Experience Update Means for Small Business

By MOJO Team • July 13, 2021 •

Google’s Page Experience Update is one of over 500 updates rolled out over the course of a year. So, what makes this one so special?

We asked this same question in ...

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Ripple Effect Marketing

By Alexander Fakeri • June 10, 2021 •

The ripple effect, or butterfly effect, as it is also known, is the theory of one small motion creating a subsequent motion. The first ripple creates another motion, which crea...

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MOJO’s New 3-D Animated Video

By Alexander Fakeri • April 13, 2021 •

Passion meets Purpose. MOJO’s latest video anthem underscores our capabilities in 3-D animation, web design, development, digital marketing, videography, and branding. But mo...

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SEO or PPC? Finis Origine Pendet, of course

By Alexander Fakeri • November 19, 2020 •

In between watching cat videos and dash cam videos on the internet, anyone who might dare find themselves researching the pros and cons of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vers...

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Small Business Guide to Rebranding Strategy

By Alexander Fakeri • November 3, 2020 •

You might think that ‘rebranding’ is something only large corporations with big marketing budgets - and a significant amount of brand recognition already - can do. After al...

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VIDEO content is King!

By MOJO Team • August 10, 2020 •

When it comes to selecting a content type, specifically from a users’ perspective, video is king!  As visual creatures, humans want to consume what they see and it is on...

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Atlantic Coast Charters' Re-Brand & New Website

By MOJO Team • April 16, 2019 •

Atlantic Coast Charters was looking for a website design and marketing agency here in Maryland that could do more than just design a website.  So recently Ron Dillon, Jr. ...

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Small Business Guide to Rebranding Strategy

By Larissa Cordial • August 26 • News, Logo & Branding

You might think that ‘rebranding’ is something only large corporations with big marketing budgets – and a significant amount of brand recognition already – can do. After all, if no one was familiar with your old look, website, and logo, how will changing them make a difference?

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6 Steps to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan

By MOJO Creative Digital • July 29 • News, Digital Marketing, Branding

Integrated marketing plans align every aspect of your marketing to deliver a powerful and memorable message. And while this challenge can be complex, involving many stakeholders and marketing channels, following these six steps will help guide the process and ensure measurable success.

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Best Home Page Web Design for 2021 – with Examples

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Web Design, Web Development & Mobile Apps

If you’re considering a new home page design, no single website page will get as much traffic or work as hard to represent your brand. As the first page most of your visitors will see, your homepage has a lot of roles to perform! It needs to convey who you are and what you do, show people around, and make it…

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5 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Digital Marketing, Logo & Branding, Videography

From engaging fans on social media and building trust in your target audience, to dramatically boosting your SEO performance, there are some pretty spectacular benefits of video marketing. Here we take a closer look at five of them, and also dive into some real-world examples of video marketing done right.

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MOJO’s New 3-D Animated Video

By Larissa Cordial • July 22 • News, Digital Marketing, Logo & Branding, Videography

Passion meets Purpose. MOJO’s latest video anthem underscores our capabilities in 3-D animation, web design, development, digital marketing, videography, and branding. But moreover, it echoes the persistent rhythm that drives our team’s passion.

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Business Development Specialist

To the outside world, MOJO is a team of website designers, developers, and project managers. However, within our culture, we are artisans and craftsmen who take great pride in what we create and our experiences with the world. Every day, we come to perfect our craft, and we seek new challenges that allow us to leverage our creativity to solve problems for our clients. Our team’s steadfast processes ensure we maintain high levels of creativity and technical superiority in every website, mobile application, and digital creative we publish, simultaneously providing a great client and customer experience.

We are expanding our markets and seeking to join arms with a high-level polished sales executive. Partnering with MOJO removes ceilings, unrealistic quotas, constantly changing pay plans designed to discourage, and typical sales "wheel spinning" burnout.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Identifying and recruiting potential clients
  • Design creative commercial constructs, lead complex negotiation, and identify win-win scenarios/solutions
  • Representing MOJO in external meetings with executives from other companies
  • Working cross-functionally with developers, designers, business development, to launch products and partnerships


The ideal Business Development Specialist should possess the following:

  • 5+ years of work experience, in strategic partnerships or business development at technology, creative or marketing companies
  • Experience working with product to define product strategy and product requirements
  • Experience co-creating innovative new offerings in collaboration with clients
  • Experience developing and leading cross functional initiatives
  • Experience negotiating complex agreements and finding win-win solutions

MUST BE HUMBLE, HUNGRY, & DILIGENT! Consistently executing is extremely important, but knowing the industry and being passionate about serving is critical!


The MOJO team evolved over time and we are always finding ways to be 1% better than we were yesterday. However, that requires three personal traits in our teammates:

  • We learn from everyone and everyone teaches everyone. There is ZERO room for pride, but unlimited CreIT-E.
  • If you don't love what you do and crave it when the bad days come, they will seem tougher if you don't hunger to work on your craft.
  • Demonstrate your passion and awareness of your commitment to the team in what you do and how you affect our success.



  • Monday-Friday (remote)



  • Working amongst a highly talented team - the best of the best
  • Casual Remote Work Environment
  • Health Insurance with generous employer contribution
  • Generous PTO (accumulation begins day 1!)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Employer Paid Long Term Disability
  • 401k with 3% salary contribution from MOJO (even if you do not contribute!)
  • Paid Holidays (New Years, Memorial, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Paid Office Closure Break from 12/25-1/1
  • Fun Fridays Memorial Day - Labor Day (roll out every Friday 2 hours early to start your weekend)
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Web & App Developer

Our business is growing, and looking to immediately hire a Full Stack Web Developer. The ideal candidate is a creative problem solver who will work in coordination with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and maintain our next-generation websites and web tools. You must be comfortable working as part of a team while taking the initiative to take the lead on new innovations and projects.'



The Web & App Developer works closely with our project managers. The Web & App Developer must have experience in and will be responsible for full front and back-end development of websites and web applications. The Web & App Developer is able to work independently when given direction. The ideal candidate is a self-starter, detail-oriented, and sensitive to deadlines.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop Web applications built on the LAMP/WAMP stack.

  • Configure components, create prototypes, maintain technical integrity and consistency, and document solutions.

  • Prepare relevant design and technical documentation for the approaches to be taken in the architecture of web-based solutions.

  • Ensure quality of work through unit testing and implementation of QA procedures and standards.

  • Serve as a technical guru during all phases of projects on which you work.

  • Collaborate with other teams and team members.

  • Contribute ideas and provide feedback on many projects within the Managed Digital portfolio.

  • Accurately and regularly complete time sheets.

  • Other duties as assigned


Essential Skills, Experience & Competencies:

  • Experience with building highly interactive, potentially database-driven Web and mobile applications.

  • Understanding of object-oriented programming and design principles.

  • Comprehensive understanding and experience with PHP.

  • React Native

  • Drupal 7, 8, 9 and 10 experience

  • Experience with front-end toolkits such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

  • Experience drafting technical requirements and specifications based on functional requirements or pure-technical initiatives.

  • Extreme passion for improving the user’s experience through UI design with a focus on usability, efficiency, and simplicity.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent experience.

  • 6+ years experience in Web and application development.

  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States.

  • Relocation is not offered for this position.

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Website & Creative Designer

Our rapidly growing multi-media design and marketing agency is currently seeking an outstanding creative mind to join our team! The perfect candidate is someone who excels in both web and print mediums and has the portfolio to prove it!

It is the mission of our company to help our clients successfully grow and market their businesses through strategic planning and execution. We will accomplish this through a variety of marketing platforms, including but not limited to online advertising, printed materials, websites, social media, television, radio, networking and everything in between.


Responsibilities Include:

We are looking for an incredibly creative, detail-oriented, organized, client-focused, and deadline-driven individual to work with our design team. This individual must have experience with graphic design in various print AND web platforms.

  • Print design of strategically branded materials, including flyers, brochures, posters, banners, business cards, etc.
  • Website design, including multi-page responsive layouts, landing pages, banner ads, and other web-based graphics.
  • Minor code editing, website chops, and development.


Essential Skills, Experience & Competencies:


  • Above all…TALENT – with an ONLINE portfolio of recent work.

Must have significant experience with:

  • Artistry skills and understanding of design fundamentals
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign: Design for print and digital projects.
  • Dreamweaver: Structure and editing of HTML and CSS

Must have a working understanding of:

  • The web design process
  • Website integration into a content management system.
  • Basic HTML and CSS code editing
  • Mac and PC operating systems

Helpful but not required:

  • Experience with JavaScript and PHP
  • CMS integration, including Drupal and WordPress
  • Webflow online website design tool
  • Exceptional writing, storytelling, copy-editing and proofreading skills
  • Other Adobe Creative Suite applications such as Premier or After Affects
  • BA or AA in graphic design or a related field. An equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for a degree.


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