MOJO Brings Out “The Best of Both Worlds” for Tolling Industry

By Alexander Fakeri • January 3, 2022 •

MOJO Brings Out “The Best of Both Worlds” for Tolling Industry

By Alexander Fakeri • January 3, 2022 • News,

Since 2018, MOJO has been making waves in the tolling industry for the web development work they have done for their tolling partners. As the toll industry innovates and creates advancements in technology, many are realizing the importance of user experience when it comes to their tolling service.

Combining their years of experience in web development and their expertise in the tolling industry, MOJO has been an unmatched force in bringing the user experience to the forefront of tolling hardware and service. Their work has led to increased user engagement and savings for toll service providers.

By creating a user-friendly front-end design for tolling hardware providers that also integrates with the back office database they have been successfully able to bring the best of two worlds together. 

The Future for the Toll Industry

Traditionally the focus on advances in technology has led to improvements in tolling system infrastructure and hardware. But as Mike Pellegrino points out in this IBTTA’s Tolling Points article, the industry’s focus needs to shift more to the end-user experience. 

As MOJO’s tolling industry case studies have shown (and the discoveries of others in the tolling industry), a shift in focus leads to improved engagement and usage of tolling services, it also improves process efficiencies and lowers operating costs of toll system providers. 

However, it takes more than a new website or a web application to see real improvements. The digital tool (website, application, etc.) has to 1. Truly benefit the end-user and 2. Has to fully integrate with the back office and database. As MOJO likes to think, the web experience needs to be an ecosystem that benefits both the business and the users.

MOJO hopes it can both influence and help the tolling industry provide a better toll system experience through its dual approach of helping toll service providers help their end-users.

MOJO understands that it’s not only about what they can bring to the table but how they can aid their toll system partners in what they are bringing to the table. This way, an experience is created that is smoother for drivers and more profitable for service providers. 

MOJO’s award-winning work in the Tolling Industry


SRTA MyPeachPass Design Award

Not long after entering the tolling industry did MOJO’s work begin to shine. MOJO’s first opportunity in the toll industry was to help the state of Georgia’s web presence reflect the 10 years of physical and technological investments they’ve been making. Not only did MOJO deliver a robust and highly integrated website experience but it also won two prestigious worldwide awards. 

(You can see the full SRTA case study here)

A few months later MOJO launched its next tolling website platform with the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s (RCTC) express lanes program. This gave RCTC a beautiful new website with improved user engagement but most importantly it provided significant savings in operation and CSR costs with the user-friendly online payment service.

(View RCTC’s case study here)

MOJO continues to compete and make a name for itself in the toll industry as it sets its focus to helping more toll service and hardware providers in multiple states. However, they want to do more than simply make websites. They intend to create user-focused ecosystems that connect the tolling hardware with the end-user in a seamless way saving time, energy, and money for both the tolling system and the driver.  

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