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Improve Cost Per Acquisition and Retention with the Customer Journey

By Zach Emly • November 9, 2023 • Website Design

The customer journey can help organizations of all types and sizes better understand how their customer base buys, which in turn can help them improve their overall customer acqui...
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MOJO Recently Launches the Redesign of The SilencerCo Website

By MOJO Team • June 29, 2023 • Website Design

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our latest web design project at As a leading web design agency, we have poured our passion, expertise, and cr...
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MOJO recently launched the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) Website!

By MOJO Team • April 24, 2023 • Website Design

  Historically, the tolling industry hasn’t made the end-user experience a priority.  However, as technology is advancing at an exponential rate of every two year...
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Is 508 Compliance Protecting You From Litigation or Showing That You Care?

By MOJO Team • February 28, 2023 • Website Design

As organizations, it’s important for us to make our services accessible to those who are disabled. People with impairments deserve the same access as everyone else, but it can f...
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The Web Design Process From Start to Finish

By Zach Emly • February 3, 2023 • Website Design

Are you wondering about the web design or redesign process? Is your organization discussing the need for a new website design and do you want to know the process before you dive i...
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What consumers are looking for in a company’s website

By Lindsay Hauck • July 12, 2022 • Website Design

When it comes to the online presence of an organization, a website is the “face” of a company. Depending on certain factors, a website creates the very first impression on a c...
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Developing a Website that’s an Asset to Your Brand and Customers

By Zach Emly • July 7, 2022 • Website Design

Nearly every business has a website…but is the website aiding in the branding and marketing efforts of the company? Is it utilized as a tool for customers to improve their affin...
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