MOJO recently launched the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) Website!

By MOJO Team • April 24, 2023 • Website Design

MOJO recently launched the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) Website!

By MOJO Team • April 24, 2023 • News, Website Design

NTTA Homepage created by MOJO Creative Digital


Historically, the tolling industry hasn’t made the end-user experience a priority.  However, as technology is advancing at an exponential rate of every two years and as today’s customer’s expectations have also increased at a corresponding rate, the user experience factor has to stay at the forefront of every agency’s decision. Agencies like North Texas Tolling Authority (NTTA) understand this and are embracing the change well beyond just the physical infrastructure, but also the customer-facing touch points that matter. 

Today we are excited to announce that MOJO Web Solutions completed the redesign and organization of the NTTA’s brand new website,! MOJO was selected to be the prime contractor responsible for not just designing a new website but planning the architecture, content structure, user experience, and ADA compliance that would serve NTTA’s nearly 10 million drivers for the next three years.  


The Problem

NTTA’s website was due for a redesign, not only visually, but functionally, it was a struggle to provide customers with a quality user experience, manage an abundance of current and legacy data, and simultaneously scale their content to support the growing demand for information that corresponded to the growth of the tollways that NTTA was forecasting.


The Solution

NTTA engaged MOJO to design a website that would address several goals. MOJO’s website design and development team would find the best way to support NTTA’s goals of serving customers today and for years to come. 

Before the website development began, the metrics for a successful project were established.  MOJO focused on the following:

  • UI/UX (User Experience) Centered Design
  • Independent Testing
  • Scalable Mobile and Response Website Architecture
  • ADA 508 Compliance
  • Security & Penetration Testing
  • Website launch to coincide with the 2023 new year

After nearly a year of planning and implementation, NTTA’s website launched successfully and on time. The end result was a beautifully designed website that met all of the predetermined metrics of success and the needs of NTTA’s customers. 

Explore the website to see the user-centered experience first-hand.


The Key to a Successful Implementation

The biggest key to the project’s success was the communication between the NTTA and MOJO teams. From start to finish, there was consistent communication. This allowed the project phases to move forward with limited bottlenecks or issues. 

From phase to phase, NTTA knew where MOJO was at in the development process and MOJO knew NTTA’s expectations. 

The success in partner communications stemmed from 3 major areas:

  1. Transparency
  2. Aligned Expectations
  3. Trust

When a partnership has these three elements it allows projects to be completed with the highest quality of work. 

Overall it was a pleasure working with NTTA and we at the MOJO agency look forward to offering more support to them in the future. 


About NTTA

NTTA  has been connecting North Texans for 25 years, serving one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the US. They serve more than 14 million drivers through safe, well-maintained roads, which has brought significant and continued economic growth and development. They were the first tolling agency in the US to use electronic tolling technology and were also among the first to convert an entire network of roads to cashless tolling. 

NTTA is dedicated to continuing its legacy as a leader in tolling technology and transportation.

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