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MOJO Makers

Meet Sophia: The Talented Interning Illustrator

By MOJO Team • June 19, 2023 • MOJO Makers

As a local marketing agency, we love taking on various interns. This allows us to gain a fresh perspective while giving us the opportunity to feed into the next generation of the ...
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Meet the MOJO Makers: Kalie Lastagarkov

By MOJO Team • August 18, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Here at MOJO, we have a team of hard workers who strive to be the best they can be every day. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and web solutions.  Pr...
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Meet the MOJO Makers: Madi Keck

By MOJO Team • July 21, 2022 • MOJO Makers

  A big part of delivering a website that exceeds client expectations is the design of the website. A creative designer is someone who creates the look of the website. T...
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Our Journey with MOJO

By Lindsay Hauck and Ava Schrand • July 19, 2022 • MOJO Makers

In May 2022, two bright young individuals joined the MOJO team as interns. They had many great learning experiences during their time here, and want to share that journey and expe...
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Meet the MOJO Makers: Alexander Fakeri

By MOJO Team • July 14, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Running a successful creative digital agency requires a lot of moving parts to work together seamlessly. A big part of MOJO’s success is the hard work that everyone exhibits...
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