Our Journey with MOJO

By Lindsay Hauck and Ava Schrand • July 19, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Our Journey with MOJO

By Lindsay Hauck and Ava Schrand • July 19, 2022 • News, MOJO Makers

In May 2022, two bright young individuals joined the MOJO team as interns. They had many great learning experiences during their time here, and want to share that journey and experiences as their time at MOJO comes to a close. What better way to understand their journey than to hear it from them!


Lindsay Hauck


Lindsay Hauck an intern at MOJO

I am Lindsay Hauck, a fifth-year student at Towson University majoring in English (writing track) and minoring in Mass Communication. My areas of interest include writing, graphic design, sports media, and music.

I actually am a musician, and play in the world famous Towson University Marching Band. Some of the instruments I play are the vibraphone, xylophone, and other marching percussion instruments. This fall semester will be my third season with them. 

After I graduate from Towson in December 2022, I plan on starting my writing and graphic design career. 

My internship at MOJO has been such a great experience because I have learned so much about graphic design, writing, and working in a professional environment. I’ve had the opportunity to use Photoshop and learn how to use it, which is laying the foundation for my graphic design journey. 

MOJO has helped me prepare for my career in the creative industry whether it be in digital marketing, writing, or graphic design. I have been able to hone my skills and add tools to my arsenal that will help me in the future. 


Ava Schrand


Ava Schrand - marketing intern at MOJO

I am Ava Schrand, a rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina. I am currently studying business with an undecided concentration along with a minor in HPEB, or Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. 

With a 4.0, I have done well academically as well as joined a greek organization, Alpha Xi Delta and a few other organizations such as Dance Marathon and Visions of Women. Through these organizations, I have been involved in my sororities philanthropy and completed over 25 hours of community service. 

Working in tandem with this, my internship with MOJO has allowed me to grow professionally, personally, and socially. MOJO has allowed me to more deeply understand the world of business and marketing while also giving me real life experiences to learn and grow from. I can now confidently go back to school with a clear understanding of real world businesses and how they function. 

Both of us have learned a lot during our time at MOJO, and we want to share the cool experiences and learning moments we’ve had during our internship. 


Lindsay’s 5 cool experiences and learning moments:


  1. It was cool getting to write blogs for MOJO and put my writing skills to use. It was very exciting to see my first blog post published on the MOJO website!
  2. Getting to sit in on a meeting with a potential client was a good learning experience because it allowed me to spectate how things work in a typical meeting.
  3. Learning more about graphic design and how to use Adobe Photoshop is one of the most valuable things that I’ve gotten out of my time here. It has allowed me to have access to a tool that I did not previously have access to and it gave me the opportunity to explore an interest of mine. 
  4. Doing prospecting/canvassing in Annapolis was scary at first but it ended up being a good learning experience because it got me out of my comfort zone and made me feel more confident with talking to people I don’t know. 
  5. The overall experience of being in a professional setting like an office was very beneficial for me because I’ve never been in that kind of environment before. This definitely has helped prepare me for a future career in digital marketing, writing, and design. Being around people who do what I am interested in as a job is very inspiring and it is a great environment. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet everyone on the team as well. 


Ava’s 5 cool experiences and learning moments: 


  1. Getting to shadow various meetings such as sales meetings, creative brief meetings, check-in meetings, and more.
  2. Canvassing with Lindsay in Annapolis, mainly on west street to distribute our print materials to other businesses to network and inform businesses of our services. 
  3. With a small business environment, I was able to meet almost everyone on the team and work closely with many of them in their certain expertise to learn more about what they do. 
  4. Getting to join Kalie in off-site tasks such as a sales meeting for the school system that I used to belong to (aacps) and attending a networking event in Annapolis helped widen my scope of what sales was about. 
  5. Working in an office and getting in-person experience helped me learn and grow faster than if I were doing an internship virtually. 

Our time at MOJO has been amazing and we are both so grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to work with the team, learn new things, and grow professionally. We want to thank everyone at MOJO for everything, and we will certainly miss coming into the office. 


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