Improving Customer Experience in Tolling & Infrastructure

Tolling & Infrastructure

Tolling & Infrastructure

The tolling industry is an industry that has struggled to make the customer experience a priority. In recent years, companies like MOJO have been striving to change the stigma of tolling being considered a “four-letter-word” by drivers. MOJO has made a name for itself as the subject matter expert in the tolling industry from websites, mobile-friendly websites, and mobile applications. MOJO brings over 45 years of combined UI/UX, user experience, brand management, website design, development, and digital marketing to an industry inspired by tolling authorities that want to change the industry. Whether through IoT or digital marketing, MOJO is looking for opportunities to directly serve like-minded tolling agencies or partner with primes to change the industry.

MOJO raises its clients’ expectations by providing the most innovative, creative, and effective marketing solutions possible. With their unique implementation process, they have successfully designed and launched award-winning projects.

Here’s why agencies and prime contractors put their trust in MOJO:

  • On-time project delivery
  • <1% error on projects
  • Over 45 years of Drupal Enterprise experience combined
  • Recent Experience with tolling innovators
  • 850+ websites and applications designed and developed

MOJO also has worked with other contractors and has partnerships with Kapsch TrafficCom and BRiC-TPS to ensure the maximum effectiveness of back-office integrations.

Problems Facing the Industry:

Customer Experience

The role of the customer and our understanding of their needs is expanding rapidly. Your industry is playing catch up to a world with years of experience in capturing and retaining customers. Doesn’t it make sense to seek support from people outside your industry who know the pain points customers see daily?

Quality Design

Today, websites like Facebook, CNN, YouTube, and Amazon have dictated the standard customer experience. Companies with unlimited resources are raising the level of customer expectations of quality. Your industry will struggle to keep customers if you don't change.


When it comes to industries that are typically behind the times when it comes to technology and customer service, you can be that “innovation” is a ten-letter dirty word for sure. You could be a leader in your industry for bringing change and enhancing the customer experience.

Clients We Work With:

MOJO Services

Website Design

Our passion for custom website design is focused on serving your clients, not our portfolio.

Web & Mobile Applications

A custom app requires an understanding of your pain points, user experience, & creativity.

Digital Marketing

Successful digital marketing is based on frequency, measuring results, and consistency.


17 years of telling our clients stories with passion and never sacrificing quality.


We are passionate yet humble about graphic design, logos, style guides, and more!


A SDVOSB SOC2 agency with experience with local, state, and federal opportunities.

Very professional established company that is all about their clients. Whoever it is they work with, they make it all about them and getting the results that will bring them back for more MOJO. Highly recommended.

LogoZone Promotions

MOJO has been wonderful in providing the service and skill we like and continue to like. I look forward to a long a creative future with them. they are good people and I am proud to know them.

Robert Wall

Great partnership as our website host with superb customer care and support.

TheBWIBusiness Partnership

I have participated in events, training and education sponsored by the team at MOJO. I appreciate the creativity and knowledge they provide for their clients. The digital world changing all the time. If you partner with MOJO they will keep you on target and ahead of the curve.

Chuck MacDonald

They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

Kip Howlett

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! A pleasure to work with!

Chris Jones

MOJO created an excellent SEO website for the Maryland Retailer’s Association and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with the team!

Cailey Locklair