A MOJO Case Study


Engagement started February 2018



The leading commercial HVAC supplier on the east coast, distributing HVAC installer and services companies. As an educator, service and product supplier, HAVTECH needed a new marketing and branding partner.


The Challenge

The company had been in business for several decades, and there was a need for overhauling all their marketing materials and brand image. HAVTECH wanted to redesign every piece of print collateral, redecorate their brand image in their storefronts and corporate office spaces, but they needed to increase their brand awareness with their target customers for HAVTECH the subsidiaries of HAVTECH Holdings, including Thermal Tech and AEROTHERM.


The Solutions

The re-branding effort required a robust style guide that included guidelines for both print and digital marketing initiatives. MOJO developed an online portal and mobile applications that would allow operational staff to create events for continuing education (CE) classes and more frequent communication with the technicians they served. Additionally, MOJO designed digital ads, videos, social media campaign strategies that the client could manage, provide graphic design, videography, and general marketing consulting to educate HAVTECH’s customer base and be first of mind.


The Results

Glyph Technologies in-house marketing department and MOJO work together to develop templates, new campaign strategies, and engaging storytelling through multiple mediums every day. Below are some of the highlights from our engagement:


Developed a mobile application & online portal complete serving 25,000 technicians and HVAC service companies.


Increase in continuing education class attendance


Decrease in continuation no-show/ cancellations through development of online payment method

Branding & Graphic Design

HAVTECH’s influence in the commercial and residential HVAC market demands a strong branding presence that communicates confidence and leadership in their industry. MOJO’s collaboration and objective creativity was focused on exceeding HAVTECH’s expectations of quality marketing.

Web & Mobile Applications

CCT worked with MOJO to create an opportunity for their customers and players to not only get up to the minute game information, but real time information regarding game cancellations, new locations, and to market to players at their preferred locations, using geofencing and push alert technologies.

Web Design

MOJO developed solutions that complemented HAVTECH’s operational needs as well as creating a marketing and communication channel for HAVTECH’s marketing staff, sales teams, field techs and their customers for the entire east coast region.

Very professional established company that is all about their clients. Whoever it is they work with, they make it all about them and getting the results that will bring them back for more MOJO. Highly recommended.

LogoZone Promotions

MOJO has been wonderful in providing the service and skill we like and continue to like. I look forward to a long a creative future with them. they are good people and I am proud to know them.

Robert Wall

Great partnership as our website host with superb customer care and support.

TheBWIBusiness Partnership

I have participated in events, training and education sponsored by the team at MOJO. I appreciate the creativity and knowledge they provide for their clients. The digital world changing all the time. If you partner with MOJO they will keep you on target and ahead of the curve.

Chuck MacDonald

They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

Kip Howlett

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! A pleasure to work with!

Chris Jones

MOJO created an excellent SEO website for the Maryland Retailer’s Association and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with the team!

Cailey Locklair