Meet the MOJO Makers: Alexander Fakeri

By MOJO Team • July 14, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Meet the MOJO Makers: Alexander Fakeri

By MOJO Team • July 14, 2022 • News, MOJO Makers

Alex Fakeri - MOJO Maker

Running a successful creative digital agency requires a lot of moving parts to work together seamlessly. A big part of MOJO’s success is the hard work that everyone exhibits each and every day. With this new series called “Meet the MOJO Makers,” we would like to showcase the hard-workers here at MOJO, and how they make their magic. 

First up we have Alex Fakeri, a Navy Veteran and the CEO of MOJO. 

Alex has been in the business for 20+ years and founded MOJO in 2004. As a Navy Veteran, he understands the importance of protocols and pays close attention to the details that lead to success. 

What does a typical day look like for the CEO of MOJO? How does he make his magic? 


A typical day as the CEO 

While each day is different depending on client meetings, calls, and projects, Alex always provides top-notch leadership to his team.

A typical day for Alex partially consists of internal meetings with the MOJO team and meeting with clients. When he is not in meetings, he is on sales calls, helping with project management,  and makes himself available to the team if anyone needs guidance. 

Alex also takes time out of his work day to do research on different technologies and opportunities for innovation for the company. He makes sure that MOJO is always ahead of the trends in technology and in the industry.


How he makes his magic

Alex is an innovative thinker and a great teacher. He is the magic behind MOJO with his incredible leadership skills and ability to motivate.  

He is a paragon of what it means to be a great business leader. His extensive knowledge of running a business is the foundation of the success of MOJO, and his leadership and guidance drives MOJO to get better each and every day.

Alex offers a lot to clients including creative services, understanding of running a business, and how it affects people. Being a business owner, he understands and helps clients navigate problems that may come up with running a business. He uses his knowledge of running a business and marketing to help other companies maximize their potential. 


What is his favorite project so far?

MOJO, established in 2004, has been around for 18 years and has had the pleasure to work on many exciting projects. 

Alex has two favorite projects that MOJO has worked on:

1. 36-minute documentary for STScI/NASA in 2019 (Check out the documentary and the work that went into it)

  • The goal with the documentary was to help the world understand gravitational microlensing.
  • MOJO did everything from pre- to post-production on the documentary.
  • Created a custom website landing page to highlight lead scientist Kailash Sahu.
  • Created a custom website landing page to promote the project as a whole.

The reason Alex likes the NASA project is because it was a great learning experience. 

2. State Road Tollway Authority (SRTA) custom website (check out the case study)

  • The goal for this project was to create a better online presence for SRTA.
  • Another goal was to create effective and efficient customer service for Georgians.
  • MOJO created a mobile-responsive Drupal website with less than a 1% error rate.

Alex likes the SRTA project as well because it was also a valuable learning experience and a great opportunity to work with clients in different areas of the country.

MOJO has been in business for 18 years, and with Alex’s leadership, we have been able to provide services that clients trust. If you have website design questions, or want to learn more through a consultation, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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