Meet Sophia: The Talented Interning Illustrator

By MOJO Team • June 19, 2023 • MOJO Makers

Meet Sophia: The Talented Interning Illustrator

By MOJO Team • June 19, 2023 • News, MOJO Makers

As a local marketing agency, we love taking on various interns. This allows us to gain a fresh perspective while giving us the opportunity to feed into the next generation of the workforce. Our most recent internship is with Sophia Phillip who will help us bring our clients’ brands to life with creative narrative illustrations. 

Meet Sophia

Sophia Philip


Sophia is a truly talented artist. She is going into her sophomore year at Pratt Munson and wants to work in the world of children’s book publishing when she graduates. She chose this internship and MOJO specifically as a way to gain experience using a variety of digital illustration tools and methods. 

Check out a couple of her amazing illustrations.


Sophia's illustration Sophia's second illustration


Sophia’s Passion and Inspirations

Sophia has always been attracted to the fun and exciting illustrations of children’s books. She enjoys the beautiful watercolors and the fun and exciting situations book characters often find themselves in. Some of her inspiration comes from illustrators of famous children’s books. 

  • Eric Carle - author and illustrator of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book
  • Arnold Labelle - author and illustrator of the Frog and Toad books
  • Beatrix Potter - author and illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabit

You may not have recognized their names at first but you more than likely recognize their works. 

As an illustrator, Sophia has a passion for translating everyday events into fun scenarios and stories. Take one of her recent illustrations for example.

Sophia Philip's third illustration


The inspiration for this came when she saw two rabbits sniffing around the fencing of a chicken coop. She said it appeared as those the two bunnies were gossiping with the hen on the other side of the fence. As a true artist, she captures the mysteries, beauty and possibilities of the world for the rest of us to experience the joy of it.

The motivation behind Sophia’s narrative illustration style artwork is to create a memorable experience for those interacting with her work. One of the philosophies she lives by is to experience joy in creativity. She believes that this is a necessary part of development for all of us as people and with her work, she wants to help us do just that. 

We are excited to have Sophia as part of the team and to see the joyous illustrations she brings to life. We look forward to her unique perspectives and the memorable experiences she will help MOJO create. 


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