Meet the MOJO Makers: Madi Keck

By MOJO Team • July 21, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Meet the MOJO Makers: Madi Keck

By MOJO Team • July 21, 2022 • News, MOJO Makers

Madi Keck a certified MOJO Maker


A big part of delivering a website that exceeds client expectations is the design of the website. A creative designer is someone who creates the look of the website. They create everything from the layout of the site to what colors are used. 

At MOJO, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful websites that represent our clients’ businesses professionally and on-brand. 

Madi Keck, one of our talented creative designers, helps MOJO deliver websites that exceed the expectations of our clients. She also creates designs for print like brochures, folders, flyers, and business cards. 

Madi has been a creative designer at MOJO for five years now, and has worked on numerous big projects.

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like for a creative designer at MOJO? Does Madi have a favorite project that she’s worked on so far?


A typical day for a creative designer at MOJO

Everyday looks a little different for a creative designer depending on what project is being worked on and the length of that project. 

Madi works on big projects all day, whether it be creating wireframes, prototyping websites,  logo design, or color mocks. 

Wireframes are like a rough layout of a website. They are essentially sketches or diagrams of the skeleton of a website. Wireframing is very important because it establishes a foundation for the website to be built upon. 

Prototyping a website allows you to really see how the site will look before going and building it from the ground up. It allows you to test how things will function and flow, and see if things like logo placement work.

Madi does all of this and makes her magic to deliver well-designed websites and apps.


How Madi makes her magic

Madi is a creative at heart who uses her design skills as well as her curiosity to create stunning websites and designs. 

Her experience in design allows her to have the knowledge and an eye for good design– giving her an advantage and allowing her to create web designs that attract clients.

She is always working on projects of different sizes and delivers a high-quality product every time. She creates stunning custom websites and app designs that exceed client expectations. 


What is her favorite project so far? 

Madi has been with MOJO for five years and has had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects. 

Madi has on favorite project so far in her time with MOJO:

Glyph Production Technologies

  • MOJO created a website for Glyph
  • Created a landing page 
  • Designed/updated business cards
  • Designed social media graphics for posting
  • Designed for print products

She has done a little bit of everything on this project including a landing page, emails, print design and social media graphic design.

Glyph gave her some creative freedom on this project. Having a little bit of creative freedom makes a big difference and has allowed her to create stunning designs for them. 

Here at MOJO, we pride ourselves on delivering well-designed websites and digital assets for our clients. Our team has been in the business for over 10 years and would be more than happy to extend our services to your business.

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