Meet the MOJO Makers: Kalie Lastagarkov

By MOJO Team • August 18, 2022 • MOJO Makers

Meet the MOJO Makers: Kalie Lastagarkov

By MOJO Team • August 18, 2022 • News, MOJO Makers

Kalie the certified MOJO Maker

Here at MOJO, we have a team of hard workers who strive to be the best they can be every day. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and web solutions. 

Providing excellent customer service and guiding our clients throughout our process is very important to our success. Kalie Lastagarkov, who has been with MOJO as an account executive for 3 years, uses her interpersonal skills to prospect and secure clients while ensuring that they feel comfortable with the process of working with us. 

Wondering what a typical day looks like for an account executive at a creative digital agency


A typical day as an account executive at MOJO

Kalie’s work day as an account executive consists mostly of phone calls and meetings with new clients, although each day looks a little different depending on what projects are in progress. She makes sure that new clients understand our process and are clear on the direction that they want to take in their collaboration with MOJO. 

Another aspect of Kalie’s job is maintaining relationships with existing clients. She provides updates on the progress of their project whether it be their website, mobile app, or brand redesign. 

One thing at MOJO that sets us apart from the competition is our transparency. We always make sure that our clients are updated throughout the process of working with us and are on the same page. 

Kalie is a huge part of keeping transparency with our clients whether it be through phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings. 

How does she secure big clients and make her magic at MOJO? 

How she makes her magic

Kalie uses her analytical skills and ability to communicate professionally to work with clients consistently.

She also networks with many other businesses and prospects on a daily basis to create new connections. This helps get the word out about MOJO and helps build relationships with other business leaders. This, in turn, helps MOJO secure bigger clients.

Kalie’s excellent skills in communication and sales helps MOJO immensely with gaining new clients. Her event planning skills also contribute to her success as an account executive at MOJO. 


What is her favorite project so far?

Kalie’s favorite project so far in her 3 years at MOJO is working with the North Texas Tollway Authority. NTTA is one of the largest clients that MOJO has had the opportunity to work with. 

The process of securing them as a client was also a challenge, which Kalie liked. Winning NTTA as a client was a big accomplishment for MOJO.

The North Texas Tollway Authority’s goal is to meet the demands of the region’s transportation infrastructure. MOJO joined forces with NTTA to help them make this a reality through their branding, marketing, and website.

Here at MOJO, we make sure that we’re transparent so that our clients understand our processes and how their ideas will become a reality. 

If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about our processes and how we can help take your business to the next level. 

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