MOJO’s New 3-D Animated Video

By Alexander Fakeri • April 13, 2021 •

MOJO’s New 3-D Animated Video

By Alexander Fakeri • April 13, 2021 • News,

Passion meets Purpose. MOJO’s latest video anthem underscores our capabilities in 3-D animation, web design, development, digital marketing, videography, and branding. But moreover, it echoes the persistent rhythm that drives our team’s passion.

MOJO has been dazzling clients with animation and video since 2009 and we’ve recently expanded our 3-D animation capabilities. The addition of 3-D animation adds depth for an increased reality simulation and “wow” factor. Combined with video reel highlights, 3-D animation can elevate brands while adding a signature style.

More Video in 2021

If you thought video marketing was everywhere, this robust and attention-getting marketing channel is poised to drive new growth this year. Video marketing surveys show that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, with 93% of marketers who use video citing its importance as part of their overall strategy. Since the pandemic, businesses rely on video to communicate with prospects and customers. In fact, 68% of consumers agree that the pandemic has increased the amount of video they watch.

At MOJO, our passion for great video starts with storyboarding and scriptwriting to convey your brand’s message. We source the perfect voice-over artist and custom audio to create a memorable story for your documentary, testimonial, product promotion, or service highlights. For over a decade, our award-winning team has been the voice for trusted local businesses, government agencies, and national brands with your brand goals driving our purpose.

Video Marketing and ROI

Video and animation have tremendous potential to increase customer engagement with 83% of video marketers saying that video has increased the average time visitors spend on a page and 86% citing video marketing as responsible for increasing their overall website traffic. An explainer video, product features, and video tutorials also drive ROI, grabbing the attention of 94% of consumers, with 43% of marketers saying these types of videos have reduced support calls and associated costs. 

Since people are twice as likely to share video content over any other content type, having powerful video content is key to creating buzz and driving brand recognition. People surveyed said they would rather watch a short video to learn about a brand’s product or service over a text-based article.

How MOJO Creative Digital Can Help

At MOJO, we create impactful and memorable experiences through video storytelling. Our latest brand video, Passion Meets Purpose, reflects our commitment toward continued innovation through this marketing medium. Our creative team researches adapt and innovate new styles and trends in video, 2-D, and 3-D animation to generate excitement and buzz for our clients. We incorporate the depth of communication, and ease of understanding offered by animation and video to elevate, promote, and expand your audience. 

Contact us to start creating stronger client engagements through video.



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