VIDEO content is King!

By MOJO Team • August 10, 2020 •

VIDEO content is King!

By MOJO Team • August 10, 2020 • News,

When it comes to selecting a content type, specifically from a users’ perspective, video is king!  As visual creatures, humans want to consume what they see and it is one of the most efficient ways of communication; targeting two of the most active senses. What is also important to realize is that most of the average internet population would rather watch a four (4) minute video than read one paragraph (this blog may be doomed), ergo why video production companies are in demand, even here in Maryland.  All that aside, Pulse8 asked the video production team to visit their office in Annapolis Maryland to capture a unique message that they wanted to share with their customers. The goal was to help people understand why Pulse8 gets up every morning, and what motivates them to be leaders in their field. 

Day of the Video Shoot

MOJO grabbed their video cameras, lighting equipment, gimbals, some power bars and headed down to Annapolis to film the next great video for Pulse8. On the morning of the shoot the team arrived in Annapolis early to pick up some much needed coffee before heading to set up for the video shoot. They were greeted by the bustling Pulse8 team, who had obviously been up way before the MOJO crew. The two groups had a quick meeting with the Pulse8 management team to recap the shot list, the various scenes, and to confirm everyone's schedule. This becomes important when filming a video for a large company. Everyone has a crazy schedule, and the video crew has to be nimble and responsive on the day of the video shoot. 

"I like the video production team to visit a client site ahead of time to become immersed in the project, whether they are shooting a video for web content, TV commercials, or capturing inspiring aerial footage with our drone.  Preparation is key!" - Alexander Fakeri

Alexander Fakeri was directing and assisting with capturing some key B-Roll footage, John Bright was the main videographer, and they also had a grip there on site to help with the setup, lighting, camera positions, etc.  The MOJO crew began mic'ing up the room with the shot gun mics, and getting the new LED lighting up and ready, then they had the talent come in one victim at a time.  The first part of the video shoot captured Erin Montgomery, John Criswell and Shelly Brinkley, and after a lot of fun, some bloopers (hidden in the Pulse8 library), and only one mic issue, it was time for a lunch break.

B-Roll Video Footage

After a quick bite and letting the video cameras and lighting recharge a little, Alexander and John took turns wandering around the busy office. They captured close ups, staff talking, and some general shots of the Pulse8 office space- which is pretty incredible.  Then continued throughout the office capturing some B-Roll footage by intruding into everyone's space with a big video camera; it is always amazing how people respond when there is a video camera in the room.  

Second Part of the Video Shoot

Once everyone returned from lunch, the MOJO team set up shop in the main conference room where they proceeded to capture Scott Stratton, Scott Filiault, Paul Schiele, Diane Escandel and Courtney Yeakel.  Everyone in the room was warmed up at this point and the rest of the video shoot in the conference room went seamlessly. At this point more and more of the Pulse8 staff were in the office, making funny faces through the glass while trying to stay quiet during filming. The energy of the Pulse8 team was fantastic and towards the last part of the shoot everyone was ready to get on camera!

Post Production a few weeks later...

Over all it was a great day in Annapolis, filming the Pulse8 Team interviews.  The MOJO team went back to their office and started the post production video editing work.  A few weeks later, and with client approval they were able to release the final published version of the video titled, Puse8 - Our Mission. The MOJO team would like to thank John Criswell and his great team for the opportunity to work on another great project. If you are interested in learning more about MOJO’s videography services for your own project, or you would like to check out MOJO’s video work, please visit the Lens Work page!

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