Videography Inspiration- Telling a 50-year-long story in 5 minutes

By MOJO Team • June 5, 2023 • Videography

Videography Inspiration- Telling a 50-year-long story in 5 minutes

By MOJO Team • June 5, 2023 • News, Videography

Congratulations to Vetus Maxwell on their 50th anniversary. We are honored to get to work with clients like Vetus Maxwell every day. and be part of their journey. 

Throughout the past five decades, Vetus Maxwell has undoubtedly faced numerous challenges, but an unwavering commitment to excellence and the ability to adapt and innovate has propelled them to new heights. They have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of their customer's needs, delivering products and services that have set new standards in the industry. Their dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement has been instrumental in shaping their company's exceptional reputation. 

What better way to encapsulate this monumental achievement than with a video?! But, is it possible to properly pay homage to such success with a 5-minute video? At MOJO, we were up for the challenge. We pride ourselves on raising our client's expectations by providing the most innovative, creative, and effective digital solutions, so who better to tackle the project than our team? 

Let us know how you think we did. 



Crafting Vetus Maxwell’s Celebratory 50-Year Corporate Video

The 50-year Celebration Video was fun yet challenging. Projects like these require a number of different efforts. Here is a glimpse at what it takes to create such a video. 

  • Create the Storyboard
  • Arrange video shoots and schedule interviews
  • Craft questions for interviews
  • Coach interviewees during the shoot
  • Capture (and recapture) hours of main footage and B roll footage
  • Edit video footage for the main story
  • Gather, create, and add graphics to the footage
  • Create final edits 
  • Revise, revise, revise (then revise some more until it’s perfect)

How could Vetus Maxwell and other businesses expect less knowing the effort and determination they put into their products and services? 

From their leadership to their employees and the products they offer, Vetus Maxwell has continued to show an unwavering commitment to caring about what they do and the people they serve. We truly are thankful we get to be part of their amazing journey. 


Additional Vetus Maxwell Video Projects

Vetus Maxwell has always been known for their innovation. 5 years ago, they engaged MOJO to ensure their brand and digital assets reflected their innovation. 

Since then, we have directed, filmed, and produced countless video assets up and down the east coast for the purpose of telling their story in a meaningful way. In order to capture the essence of Vetus Maxwell, we have visited over 20 locations, recorded hours of their boats in action and interviewed clients and end users.

To understand the customer experience and their differentiation in the marketplace, we traveled to the Hillsborough Sheriff's Department in Tampa Florida.

To capture the quality of their products, we traveled to Tracy’s Landing in Maryland to interview Weaver Boat Works.

To showcase how powerful the features of their products were, we visited the Maritime Museum in Annapolis, Maryland. 

When developing their story, we didn’t just want to capture their products and services but rather the heartbeat of their company. 

Once again, congratulations on this exceptional accomplishment! We hope the first 50 years serve as a springboard for even greater achievements and milestones in the years to come. We are honored to be a part of their journey and excited to witness the continued success of their company. 


Other MOJO Video Projects to Check Out

Are you looking for inspiration for a corporate video project? At MOJO, our team has had the opportunity to create a number of inspiring video productions both locally and nationally. From documentaries to animated promotional videos, we have had the opportunity to create a variety of video productions. 

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Over the years MOJO has created a wide variety of video assets. (You can view some of our most recent video creations here)  From 10 sec advertisements to full documentaries. We understand how to tell meaningful stories through video. 

Ready to tell your story? Get in touch with the MOJO team and tell us how we can make your vision a reality. 

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