What is a Creative Digital Agency?

By Zach Emly • May 24, 2022 •

What is a Creative Digital Agency?

By Zach Emly • May 24, 2022 • News,

Organizations have their choice of choosing between a variety of different marketing agencies. One type that has been rising in popularity due to its unique solutions in the modern business landscape is the creative digital agency

At its most basic level, a creative digital agency is a marketing agency. However, a marketing agency such as this will brand itself accordingly because of its unique philosophies and the way they approach business.  

As you will come to know today, marketing agencies come in all shapes, sizes and forms. To understand what a creative digital agency is and if they are the right type of agency for your marketing needs, you will need to know what they offer, how they approach marketing and how they differ from other agencies. And that’s just what we are going to discuss today! 


Differences between digital agency, creative agency and media agency

As you explore various marketing agencies, you will come across several different types. The majority of agencies are digital agencies, creative agencies and media agencies. It’s easy to assume marketing is just marketing and it’s all the same, but, there are many nuances and different companies with different areas of specialization. 

Let’s explore each type of agency and how they are different.


Digital Agencies

A digital agency primarily focuses on marketing businesses in the digital space. This includes social media, SEO, website design, website development, email marketing, etc. If it’s done through a digital medium, the agency will likely help. In some cases they can and will help businesses outside of the digital realm with say a mail campaign, however it’s not their main focus.


Creative Agencies

This type of agency will offer creative solutions. This can include graphic design, branding, videography, storytelling, and creating unique solutions to various issues. Over the past several years, the demand for creative agencies has grown due to their unique abilities to help businesses stand out. 


Media agencies

Media agencies are all about paid advertising. This can take the form of traditional ad buys such as print, television, or billboard ads, or even mean more modern terms of media buying such as pay-per-click advertising or influencer marketing. They specialize in helping businesses get found through all sorts of different paid outlets and they will know the ins and outs to get visibility ramped up immediately. 


Not every agency fits a mold

Understanding the different types of agencies gives insight into what an agency likely offers but it does not necessarily pigeonhole them into only providing specific services. For instance, digital and creative agencies tend to focus on organic strategies, but will occasionally invest in paid media campaigns to help build the strategy. 

While things aren’t black and white, the type of agency will tell you their focus and/or philosophy of marketing to businesses. So, if you hire a media agency, expect media buys as part of the strategy. If you hire a creative agency, expect creative solutions and design work to play a part in the overall strategy.


So, What is a Creative Digital Agency?

Like the name implies, a creative digital agency embraces the principles of creative solutions and design along with strategic digital solutions. Take us here at MOJO for example. Creativity is at our core but innovative digital solutions are often a key piece of our clients’ strategies.

If you’ve worked with us in the past, then you know how we love to leverage our creativity to solve problems and have an obsession with providing great customer experiences. We utilize digital strategies to compete in our modern business landscape and are not bound by only implementing digital solutions. 

In our modern competitive business landscape where buyers are constantly inundated with what seems like limitless choices, a business must be able to both navigate the digital landscape while also creating unique solutions that allow themselves to stand out. 

No longer is simply having a website or posting on social media enough. From eye-catching real world designs to creating user experiences via websites and mobile applications, organizations must balance creative designs, and strategies with digital channels to help them find unique opportunities. 

A digital creative agency can provide you with a competitive advantage in the modern business landscape.


Services offered

Creative digital agencies can offer a number of services that embrace both digital and design. Within a quality agency, you will see a beautiful mix of art and science. At MOJO we’ve won awards for creative designs, created documentaries for clients, and also encompass the technical expertise to develop web applications and websites with unique back-office integrations with less than a 1% error rate. 

When working with a creative digital agency, you will discover that you get to experience both the art and science of marketing with services to reflect that.

Every agency is different, however, here is a snapshot of services that may be offered. 

  • Digital marketing 
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Branding and Storytelling
  • Videography
  • Content Creation

If it’s a creative solution, or one that is implemented through a digital medium (web, social media, etc.) then it will likely fall within a digital creative agency’s wheelhouse.


Benefits of working with a Digital Creative Agency

Working with a marketing agency is a popular practice and the need for outsourcing has only grown as businesses struggle to adapt to the changing demands of the digital business landscape we find ourselves in today. 

It’s becoming evident to organizations that they need creative solutions to help their business stand out but coming up with ideas and executing them in turn is challenging. That’s where outsourcing comes in.

By working with a digital creative agency, your organization benefits in a number of ways. 

  • Able to focus on what’s important to your business
  • More effective marketing
  • Better results
  • Holistic marketing encompassing insights from all aspects of the buyer’s journey
  • Support to your marketing team when stuck or short handed
  • Replaces the need for a marketing team in some cases

Where creative digital agencies really flourish is in their ability to offer both beauty and technical aspects. This not only allows your business to stand out, but it also allows you to build a solid foundation that generates results. 

If you are wondering about doing business with a digital creative agency but want to ensure they are the best solution then contact one to see if their solutions align with your goals. 

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