Custom Websites vs. Cookie Cutter Websites

By Lindsay Hauck • June 14, 2022 •

Custom Websites vs. Cookie Cutter Websites

By Lindsay Hauck • June 14, 2022 • News,

For every organization, a well-designed website is a key factor in driving business with successful marketing results. When it comes to designing a website, there are endless possibilities, but determining the best strategy for your business is a huge key to success. 

During the beginning stages of creating a website, there are two routes you can take for the build out; a custom website, or a “cookie cutter” website, otherwise known as a templated website. But what is a “cookie cutter” website, and how is it different from a custom website? 


What is a “Cookie Cutter” Website? 

There are many sites online that provide website templates, where someone can go in and make minimal customizations to a premade site that has everything already laid out. 

Many call these types of sites “cookie cutter” websites or templates because they are simple pre-made sites which can be customized very quickly and easily.

Benefits of a cookie-cutter website 

  • They are very easy to design/create. 
  • They have pre-made templates which are good for beginners who do not know how to code or design.
  • Cookie-cutter websites can be made faster than a custom website.  
  • Costs less money and resources to create a cookie cutter website.

While this may sound enticing, there are many downsides. One downside is that there are limited customization options. When you choose a template, you are confined to the structure and design of that template. Of course, you can change the colors, content, and basic layout of your new site, but overall you do not have much control over the user experience. 

The main disadvantage is that “Cookie Cutter” sites lack the ability for unique technical functionality. This can limit a business’s ability to provide unique user experiences and optimize the site for search engines. In a time where over 60% of shopping begins online and  94% of internet users build their first impression based on a website’s design, this is a must have for business.


What is a Custom Website?

Building a custom website will take more resources than building a “cookie cutter” website, but for good reason.

A custom website is brought to life by a professional web developer and web designer. Web developers and designers have the ability to build the website from the ground up which gives a business a full range of how they want their website to function, what they want it to look like, and everything in between. 

Benefits of a Custom Website

  • Client has full control over the aesthetic of the website. This includes the way it functions/reacts as well as custom colors, logos, and content.
  • More freedom to customize user experience.
  • The sky's the limit with what you can do with a custom website.
  • SEO best practices and strategic customization 

There are many benefits of designing a custom website. As listed above, the sky's the limit with custom websites. You can invest as much time and resources into a custom site and as much time revising until it’s perfect for your organization. 

Focusing on the user experience design of a website helps the website become a pleasant experience for the user or customer. This, in turn, can help drive business for a company. 


Which should I choose? 

Choosing whether to get a custom website or a “cookie cutter” website seems like a very easy decision. However, it really comes down to the purpose of the website. 

A company website will most likely be a custom website, but a personal blog site could be a cookie cutter website. Both types of websites serve a purpose and it really comes down to how much customization and search engine optimization you want access to. 

What is more important to you? Having a quicker setup of your website, or having a better quality website? Do you want your website to be an asset to your brand and customers or is it there to check off the list for your digital presence? 

At MOJO, we create unforgettable custom websites that allow our clients to offer unique functionality and top-notch user experiences to their visitors. We’ve been at this for a while and almost daily see firsthand the impact that a newly designed website can have on a business. If you have web design questions or are looking for a consultation on an upcoming website project then give us a call and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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