A MOJO Case Study


Engagement started September 2022



SilencerCo is the leading silencer manufacturer in America. Since 2008 they have been leading the firearm industry in silencer innovation with cutting-edge products that offer the quietest and most user-friendly experience. They are hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts, just like the people they serve. Their mission is to bring suppressors to the market that will enhance their client’s overall shooting experience.


The Challenge

SilencerCo is the leading silencer manufacturer because of their innovation and advocacy of the firearm industry but their digital presence did not match their company’s innovative roots. They knew they needed to design a cutting-edge website design that would be aesthetically pleasing and would support their goals of putting the customer first, but it would also need to support the company’s e-commerce infrastructure.
The solution would need to be modular, scalable, easy to customize, and integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce Interfaces to support SilencerCo’s business goals and operations.


The Solutions

Before beginning any design work, MOJO thoroughly researched the silencer and firearm industry. The team ran various surveys including over 300 firearm enthusiasts and met with the SilencerCo team to begin shaping the vision for the new website.

MOJO worked with the SilencerCo branding team to integrate its brand and the use of real photography to design a beautiful front-end website design that would create a powerful new look without diluting its brand or losing its corporate identity.

Once the vision took shape, MOJO began introducing interactive elements such as parallax, 3D modeling of the products and unique hover states to add depth and to create a more immersive user experience.

Before finalizing the design and layouts, MOJO would use AI technology to ensure the website would produce the highest quality user experience and garner the best user response.


The Results

Using AI machine learning based on the physiology of the human eye, the MOJO team was able to ensure they created a new cutting-edge custom responsive website design optimized for the best user experience. The new website has already led to increased sales, more conversions, an improvement in SEO rankings, and was constructed with a better user journey in mind.


Increase in Sales


Decrease in Cart Abandonment Rate


Increase in Conversions


in Average Order Value

Web Design

As innovators in their industry, SilencerCo’s website had to reflect that. With their users being at the heart of everything they do, they could not allow their website to be cutting edge but ignore the user experience. To fully understand how to best serve the industry, MOJO would create and distribute surveys to SilencerCo’s target demographics, engage in online communities to understand user pain points and research the various questions and insights consumers were searching for online.

Using the data collected, and insights from the various team members at SilencerCo, MOJO would be able to design the cutting-edge, customer-centric website that you see before you today.

Detailed Designs

Very professional established company that is all about their clients. Whoever it is they work with, they make it all about them and getting the results that will bring them back for more MOJO. Highly recommended.

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MOJO has been wonderful in providing the service and skill we like and continue to like. I look forward to a long a creative future with them. they are good people and I am proud to know them.

Robert Wall

Great partnership as our website host with superb customer care and support.

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I have participated in events, training and education sponsored by the team at MOJO. I appreciate the creativity and knowledge they provide for their clients. The digital world changing all the time. If you partner with MOJO they will keep you on target and ahead of the curve.

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They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

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Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! A pleasure to work with!

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MOJO created an excellent SEO website for the Maryland Retailer’s Association and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with the team!

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