A MOJO Case Study

Sentral Services

Engagement started July 2016



Sentral Services is dedicated to being the very best commercial janitorial company possible. Conducting business with integrity, exceeding our client’s expectations, ensuring our employees share in the rewards of our success, protecting the environment, giving generously to worthwhile charities, and maintaining great relationships, while encouraging all associates to live each day to the fullest, with passion and purpose.


The Challenge

Sentral Services was one of several commercial cleaning companies. While their target customer typically needs hundreds of thousands of square feet cleaned on a weekly or, in some cases, daily basis, their customers were demanding accountability, transparency, and professionalism without sacrificing the level of service they depended on. Sentral Services hadn’t updated their brand and website in several years, and their proven process was paper-based and not efficient as they had envisioned.


The Solutions

MOJO began their three-phased approach first, developing a brand that gave them flexibility and the feeling of confidence that a larger and more established brand offered. MOJO included a complete style guide, marketing assets, print collateral, email signatures, and even smocks for the cleaning teams to wear. Secondly, MOJO worked with teams to design a custom, mobile responsive website catering to Sentral Services’ target customers. Additionally, MOJO’s photographers captured quality imagery that told Sentral Services’ unique story and instilled the confidence their customers needed to engage in long-term contracts.

Thirdly and most importantly, the MOJO team designed, developed, and deployed an Android mobile application that would become the operational backbone of the company’s reporting and accountability platform for customers. Operators on-site would have delivered custom cleaning objectives that would require post-cleaning photos and, upon submission, would be later compiled in a PDF report that would be mailed to Sentral Services’ management team and client on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


The Results

Sentral Services’ new brand, website, and mobile application elevated them to the premier standard in the commercial cleaning industry throughout the mid-Atlantic area.


Increase in customer satisfaction ratings


Increase in cleaning crews performance ratings in the first year


Reduction in lost revenues for no-show and late arrivals


Increase in customer website leads after six (6) months and conversions by 19%

Web & Mobile Applications

A process-driven company like Sentral Services needed a company like MOJO to develop a mobile application that would evolve their business, provide an ROI, and equally as necessary, raise the benchmark in an industry of questionable practices and dependability… becoming MOJO’s focus and success with this project.


Sentral Services’ leadership understood quality, and they had a vision. They worked with MOJO to experiment, evolve, and establish a set of branding standards that exceeded the limits of a traditional style guide.

Web Design

Sentral Services’ engagement with potential customers often took place in the boardroom, but our client understood that it was also the decision influencers that would make you successful, which meant you needed to engage your target audience wherever they may be and even for a government customer, that included the web.

Very professional established company that is all about their clients. Whoever it is they work with, they make it all about them and getting the results that will bring them back for more MOJO. Highly recommended.

LogoZone Promotions

MOJO has been wonderful in providing the service and skill we like and continue to like. I look forward to a long a creative future with them. they are good people and I am proud to know them.

Robert Wall

Great partnership as our website host with superb customer care and support.

TheBWIBusiness Partnership

I have participated in events, training and education sponsored by the team at MOJO. I appreciate the creativity and knowledge they provide for their clients. The digital world changing all the time. If you partner with MOJO they will keep you on target and ahead of the curve.

Chuck MacDonald

They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

Kip Howlett

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! A pleasure to work with!

Chris Jones

MOJO created an excellent SEO website for the Maryland Retailer’s Association and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with the team!

Cailey Locklair