> Innovate Your Customer's Journey.

Why be forced to evolve. We are customer journey architects that want to bring innovation to you. Our marketing agency raises its client's expectations by providing the most innovative, creative, and effective customer journey experiences.

Website Design

Our passion for custom website design is focused on serving your clients, not our portfolio.

Web & Mobile Applications

A custom app requires an understanding of pain points, user experience, & creativity.

Digital Marketing

Successful digital marketing is based on frequency, measuring results, and consistency.


17 years of telling our clients stories with passion and never sacrificing quality.


We are passionate yet humble about graphic design, logos, style guides, and more!


A SDVOSB SOC2 agency with experience with local, state, and federal opportunities.

> Industries We Serve


Since 2004 MOJO has been working in the real estate and construction related industries. We understand your market and the decision making process your customers go through when selecting their contractors and vendors to partner with on both small and large development projects. Time and dependability are of the essence.

Consumer Products

Consumers have high expectations. Being responsible to ensure your product and services accurately represent your brand and live up to the quality that is promised is a heavy burden to bare. Our clients depend on our customer designers, developers, and even videographers to ensure we deliver a powerful and confident message, that shortens the buying cycle.

Health Care

The health care industry is evolving, pivoting, and all of the other keywords you can think of. Consumers self-advocate for providers' excellent care and customer experiences that make them the priority.


Whether in manufacturing or industrial services, business owners are no longer just accepting a sub-par level of service. Whether your customer is the end-user or a distributor, customer confidence can’t be undervalued.

Professional Services

Even the title “Professional Services” should be enough to understand why you need to contact MOJO. However, if you have any doubts about why you need to maintain a level of professionalism beyond what you are doing today, then MOJO might not be suitable for you.

Tolling & Transportation

Today's organizations within the tolling and infrastructure industries are no longer only serving agencies or politicians; they serve the consumers. Therefore, the consumer experience is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring constituents and the public are served with the information and resources in real-time.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! A pleasure to work with!

Chris Jones

MOJO created an excellent SEO website for the Maryland Retailer’s Association and we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work with the team!

Cailey Locklair

I have participated in events, training and education sponsored by the team at MOJO. I appreciate the creativity and knowledge they provide for their clients. The digital world changing all the time. If you partner with MOJO they will keep you on target and ahead of the curve.

Chuck MacDonald

They are professional, great to work with and very responsive. High quality product at a reasonable price. Value.

Kip Howlett

Great partnership as our website host with superb customer care and support.

The BWI Business Partnership

MOJO has been wonderful in providing the service and skill we like and continue to like. I look forward to a long a creative future with them. they are good people and I am proud to know them.

Robert Wall

Very professional established company that is all about their clients. Whoever it is they work with, they make it all about them and getting the results that will bring them back for more MOJO. Highly recommended.

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